Sustainable Aloha

Sustainable Aloha: (verb) Living a lifestyle that builds stronger communities through collaboration and cultural values.

Our Vision

A grassroots movement of socially & culturally responsible people who choose to take action (big & small) to sustain and nurture themselves, their family, their community and the planet through acts of Aloha (love).

Our movement is driven by a deep belief that Aloha connects all living things and when acting within its value center, the result is a sustainable and beneficial way of life that creates possibilities and opportunities for everyone.

Make the commitment!

Our Pledge

We believe that it takes a village to raise a community, a business, and a child. Within this social structure we are dedicated to building & rebuilding stronger communities through collaborative efforts that sustain positive social, environmental, and economic change.

We are committed & connected to our local & global community through educational programs, agricultural awareness, and local & global outreach. By preserving and perpetuating our unconditional connection between human and nature our behavior and actions are guided to nurture a healthy planet and healthy people for generations to come.

We welcome everyone to make a positive difference & join this cause of Sustainable Aloha in their own homes, in their own lives, and in their own hearts.

True sustainability is achieved through teaching & learning and we encourage you to get involved and make your own sustainable aloha pledge today!